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Numbers are to Numerology what the planets are to Astrology, and like the Astrologers, Numerologists have assigned individual characteristics to each number.

Until 1979, when Ms. Faith Javane and Ms. Dusty Bunker brought Numerology into the 20th Century with their book “Numerology and the Divine Triangle”, Numerologists based their predictions, almost exclusively upon the properties of numbers one through nine. Date totals, were calculated by adding the month and the day together and then reducing the resulting number to a single digit. 

For example, June 26th would be: 6 + 26 = 32, 3 + 2 = 5

Whether you arrived at the number 5 by way of numbers 14, 23, 32, 41 50, 59 68, 77 or any other combination*, the Numerologist relied upon the characteristics associated with Number 5 to provide your forecast.

While working with the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck, Ms. Javane and Bunker, bent (if not broke) a Numerological "taboo" ** once they realized that the individual Tarot definitions for cards such as 32, (the Six of Wands) could finally enable Numerologists to clarify the personal differences between people who share the number 5 as a common denominator – just as Astrologers explain why (for instance) all Cancer Sun Signs neither think, react or behave in the same way.

For example, when reading number 32 as 32/5, the Tarot definition for Card 32 (Six of Wands) outlines the seekers aspiration, while the number 5 supplies their motivation to attain that aspiration. 

Including (rather than excluding) the properties of numbers such as 32 enabled Numerologists to blend the old with the new to increase the scope and clarity of their readings, and today virtually all Numerologists interpret and write double digits such as 32 as 32/5. 

Now, by reading the bottom (or motivational) number for the designated outcome card in any tarot spread Tarot practitioners (like ourselves) can also determine whether and WHY the seeker can expect matters to unfold more slowly, or quickly. 

Let’s use the Aces for our example. Collectively, the Aces in the Tarot are considered to be the purest form of elemental energy and personal potential. 

At its most basic level, Card 27, the Ace of Wands, is said to signal passionate changes and renewed energy, whereas Card 41, the Ace of Cups allegedly heralds true love, pure joy and the gateway to true Spiritual revelation, while Card 55, the Ace of Swords should invoke absolute triumph over adversity, and Card 69, the Ace of Pentacles ought to produce economic gains and losses of MONUMENTAL proportions. Nonetheless, for every one miracle or major catastrophe that does transpire after the appearance of one or more Aces, there are even more times when nothing special occurs. Yet, time after time after time, reader and seeker alike choose to blame faulty timing, when good tidings fail to materialize and credit divine intervention for whatever bad news fails to manifest. 

Now let’s see what happens when we combine this Numerological technique with Tarot Dynamics:                                                                                                                                       
                                                                                         Card 27 Ace of Wands
                                                                                               2 + 7 = 9 = 27/ 9
                                                                                          Card 27/9 Ace of Wands 

Wands: represent an opportunity or need whether to make or adapt to change.

"Tarot Dynamics" defines Card 27 as: Circumstance, as well as your personal aspirations will force you to blaze your own trail through matters, in ways and at times when you least expect it.

Number 9: tests your beliefs and understanding in ways and at times that will surprise you, and with Number 9 (like Card 9 the Hermit) karma is working through and with YOUR particular circumstances to assist you in tying up whatever loose ends could be (or have been) impeding your progress, as well as any loose ends you’ve been avoiding.

That is why, with Card 27/9 the biggest changes often occur as a “quiet riot” –one or more, smaller incidents that trigger a lasting and perhaps overdue, change your perspective and understanding of a matter, people or, you.  Exceptions to this rule depend upon the quality and number of other cards in the spread, as well as the seekers past experiences, and most natural behavior because some people never learn to look before they leap. 

                                                                                       Card 41 Ace of Cups
                                                                                         4 + 1 = 5 = 41/5
                                                                                       Card 41/5 Ace of Cups

Cups: trigger your desire and ability to keep yourself and matters that give your life meaning flowing at an easy pace--or simply freeze everything in its’ tracks.  

Concerning Card 41, "Tarot Dynamics" says: By working more constructively now with your emotions, this time period can prove to be uncommonly productive and rewarding.

Number 5: the stronger your attraction to, or irritation with someone or something the easier you can convince yourself that the end will justify the means. Like Card 5 The Hierophant, the Number 5, is also a “wild card” that heightens or intensifies your personal creativity, and sense of drama.

That is why, Card 41/5 seldom triggers as many happy beginning and endings or delivers as much personal enlightenment as we set ourselves up to expect each time it appears. Whatever the situation, the more receptive you feel the more vulnerable you are to viewing matters from the best or worst standpoint of what you WANT to be true. Exceptions to this rule depend upon the quality and number of other cards in the spread, as well as the seekers present and past spiritual and emotional status. 
                                                             Card 55 Ace of Swords
                                                           5 + 5 = 10; 1 + 0 = 1
                                                           Card 55/1 Ace of Swords 

 Swords: ignite your intellect, and desire to bring order into chaos, whether or not, you are moving in the best or simply most convenient direction.

"Tarot Dynamics" defines Card 55 as simply: The possibility of winning or losing more than you expect in matters.

With Number 1: Your need to prove yourself is very karmic whether to begin, complete or let go of a situation. Yet it’s your willingness or refusal to apply your willpower constructively that will reward or undermine your progress.

Just like Card 1 the Magician, the Number 1, implies a sudden and personal desire, or need to devise a new strategy for taking charge of matters, or, to withstand a challenge --be it real or imaginary. 

This is why, whatever the situation, with Card 55/1, our pending crisis or reward tends to appear sooner rather than later, and there are no exceptions to this rule.

                                                                                Card 69 Ace of Pentacles
                                                                              6 + 9 = 15; 1 + 5 = 6 = 69/6
                                                                             Card 69/6 Ace of Pentacles   

Pentacles: indicate reaping harvest, breaking new ground and planting new seeds in emotional and economic matters. 

Concerning Card 69 Tarot Dynamics says: An opportunity that could fall into your lap, or a dilemma could prove to be a blessing in disguise—possibly one of each!

Number 6: A time or opportunity to repair whatever needs to be repaired or clarified.

With the Number 6, just like Card 6, everything you do today becomes a stepping-stone or stumbling block that takes you a step closer or farther away from meeting tomorrow’s commitments. 

This is also why, shortly after Card 69/9 appears in their spread, many people become disappointed when, instead of receiving a bonus check, lottery win, or better job they discover a flat tire, financial delay, OR are amazed by the speed with which a smaller concern or problem has suddenly become more than they can handle – more quickly than they expected! Exceptions to this rule depend upon the quality and number of other cards in the spread, as well as the seekers professional and emotional status AND level of ambition. 

When reading one or three Tarot cards for yourself, a quick consultation with the guidelines (below) will assist you in retaining your personal objectivity, and focus.  Yet they are also the perfect companions for anyone who interprets designated outcome cards in larger tarot spreads, such as the Celtic Cross

  • Whatever the situation, (outcome) cards whose trigger Number is, 1, 4 or 7 the seekers primary motivation and biggest challenge is to take an older matter to a new level or begin something new.

  • Whatever the situation, (outcome) cards whose trigger Number is, 2, 5, 8 or 11, the seekers primary motivation and biggest challenge is to establish, re-establish or reaffirm their stability and peace of mind.

  • Whatever the situation,  (outcome) cards whose trigger Number is, 3,6, or 9, the seekers primary motivation and greatest challenge is to keep moving forward to perfect their adaptability, in a manner that enables them to broaden their horizons more realistically.

* including numbers that contain three or more digits.

** taboo. Throughout the ages, Numerologists credited Numbers, 11,22,33 and 44 with enough strength to merit the term, "Master Numbers" which should never be broken down. Yet, one by one, Ms. Javane and Bunker DID break them down--except for the number 11 which governs cards, 29/11, 38/11, 47/11, 56/11, 65/11 and 74/11 from the Minor Arcana.

                                                                                 Featured Illustrations: Lo Scarabeo The Pictorial Key Tarot. ISBN # 10:073871-2892

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