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The first five cards in each suit of the Minor Arcana are the King, Queen, Knight, Page and Ace, known as the Court Cards. For our example (below) we chose to feature the Court Card from the suit of Cups in the New Palladini Tarot by U.S. games.

Although Court cards CAN SOMETIMES imply closer involvement or contact with influential people such as close friends, older people or authority figures, they ALWAYS trigger some form of personal regeneration or degeneration ( ie. back-sliding!)

Generally speaking, the more Court Cards there are in your spread, the more interaction you will have with influential people, older people or authority figures. This can be for better or worse, and at work, home or both.

  • More pleasant example: Planning a wedding, preparing to interview for a new job or better position, even making plans to relocate .
  • Less pleasant but also applicable examples: Planning legal strategies, working to restore peace, trying to mend a relationship.

I however, have no siblings, my parents are deceased, my daughter lives in another State, I am self-employed and my husband and I are relatively healthy and happily married. Yet, whenever I receive a Tarot reading--more often than not, should a King pop up in my spread, most readers pounce upon the idea that I'm either worried about my fathers' health; my husbands' health or occupation; or possibly even the future of our marriage. If all else fails they announce that I'm either about to start a new romance or meet a new man who will “somehow” change my life.

Once, I even came away from a reading with the distinct impression that the reader was annoyed with me because MY lifestyle didn't match THEIR Tarot Card definitions!

It's no secret that the most basic Court Card definitions for the King, Queen, Knight and Page of any suit revolves around the possibility of making contact with a person of interest, merit or influence.

However, not everyone is going to have a family emergency, reunion, make a new best friend, begin a new romance, lose or find a job, or suddenly become embroiled in some type of legal difficulty simply because a King, Queen or Knight appears in their spread. Nor is everyone who receives a Page about to hear of a wedding, pregnancy or begin planning a small trip. It's time to breathe some new life into these omnipotent Court Cards, by considering the more personal function of each group!


The King of Wands can represents nothing more than a fresh burst of personal energy that inspires YOU to accomplish more ordinary tasks in less time than you expected.

The King of Cups can simply indicate a period of smoother sailing that will refresh YOUR perspective and/or your faith.

The King of Swords can indicate an end to some type of personal procrastination.

The King of Pentacles may simply enable you to realize YOU'VE accomplished more than you've been allowing yourself to recognize.

Little things DO mean a LOT. When “we change the way we look at things—the things we look at change.” This enables us to clearly see the bigger picture that means the most, to whoever we are reading for.

Blending the more personal or human function of each Court Card with your basic keywords and definitions enables the more experienced reader to round out the scope and accuracy of their reading. It also provides an essential starting point that students can relate to more easily and, it can save new readers, who are still learning to trust their intuition, a great deal of embarrassment.

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